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●WN Dredge Pump

WN Dredge Pump is single-stage single suction cantilever horizontal centrifugal pumps with advantages of light
weight, good wear-resistance, super dredging performance, wider impeller passage. The wearing parts are made
of ultra chrome alloy, and it can continuously transport gravels or high plastic clay and not happens jam, especially
for dredging sands, reclaiming channels and damming of the river and seas.

▶ 200WN ~ 500WN dredge pump using a  whole single pump shell, single-stage single-suction structure, according
to the connection with the gear box can provide two typical structure, that is, comes with bracket and pump box
combined. Bracket-type lubrication comes with grease lubrication or thin oil lubrication.

▶ 600WN ~ 1000WN dredge pump using whole double pump shell, single-stage single-suction cantilever horizontal
structure, comes with brackets, forced oil lubrication. The double pump casing can make sure that  the volute can
be used until close to wear, and the pump chamber will not enter the water when the volute  is broken.

  ●Design Features:

• Single-stage single suction cantilever horizontal centrifugal dredge pump design
• Advanced CFD hydraulic model, wide passage , good NPSH performance,  large dredging capacity
• Small water conservancy loss, high efficiency, low power consumption
• Anti-wearing and anti-corrosion materials(KmTBCr27), Hardness can up to 65HRC
• Reliable structure design,steady operating, little vibration, low noise
• Strong digging deep ability. It can suck the sands,slurries,gravels in underwater more than 20m depth.
• Excellent shaft sealing design without any leakages
• Simple structure and convenient installation, disassembly, maintenance

Shaft seal is reliable and no leakage
▶ 200WN ~ 500WN dredge pump shaft seal using mechanical seal ,packing seal or mechanical
seal plus packing compound seal.

▶ 600WN ~ 1000WN dredge pump shaft seal using screw-type L-shaped rubber seal device, the
seal device include three L-shaped ring and a special thread with the sleeve composition.

 ●More Details:

WN Series Dredge Pumps can be also integrated with the gearbox, that mean the pump and gear box share
one common shaft. So It dosen't need the pump bearing aseembly and frame, In this way, Not only save space,
but also reduce cost and breakdown ratio, Let the dredge pump give play to maximum effectiveness.

 ●Pump Model and Performance:




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